SexyHotGirl from AsianBabeCams… the name says it all!

SexyHotGirl is a great cam girl for 2 reasons: she is super friendly, she is sexy and she has a great smile. Ok, 3 reasons, who said I was good at math? :)

SexyHotGirl at AsianBabeCams

When I first met her, she was just another cam girl that I was trying to get to know. But then, her smile and good mood are so addictive….. I kept coming again and again (coming to her room, I mean). Yes, totally addictive smile! And she is a sexy gal, what makes it even more interesting. She is naughty enough, but I can’t tell you the naughty things we talked or did. You have to find out for yourself. 😉

SexyHotGirl at AsianBabeCams

Special Feature: happy mood and great smile!

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Webcam girls free chatting at Asian Babe Cams

Free chatting is the easiest way to meet the asian babes and to get to know them better. Even before entering the chat room, we can watch the sexy asian girl inside. If she is in a private show we get the warning right away and don’t even have to go inside. But, if she is online we can see if she is hot on cam and then we make up a name and go inside the chat room.
In free chat, the girl can tease, wear skimpy clothes and show her sexy asian body as much as she wants (g-strings are allowed). Some girls are not so good at maintaining a conversation, but others are a real party! And they sometimes have a fan club, where their friends hang out in the chat room. A fan club is always a good sign that we are watching a nice girl on webcam.

SexyThaiLady7 a smiley thai babe from AsianBabeCams

SexyThaiLady7 is from Thailand, the land of smiles. And as one would expect, she really smiles a lot! I like her luscious curves and her hot big boobs… She is a really sexy asian and she usually wears some blue lingerie over her brown skin, which is really a delight to the eyes. I really digg brunette asian cam girls like her!

SexyThaiLady7 in AsianBabeCams


Take your time to see how hot her ass his. This girl is a lucky one, she has a perfect body and she is so popular with all the guys. She says she likes life, the beach, swimming (nude at night too!) and playing on camera. She also reveals she doesn’t like men who like to her. Oh babe, with a body like that… I would never tell you a lie! 😀


SexyThaiLady7 in Asian Babe Cams

Special Feature: curvy body!

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Webcam girls in Asian Babe Cams

At AsianBabeCams we can find sexy asian girls from several nationalities. The most common are girls from Philippines and from Thailand. These asian web cam girls are totally amateurs, usually from a humble background but some of them have a college experience. Girls from the Philippines usually have a good command of english, so it’s pretty easy to make contact with (by chatting, of course). It’s a known fact that Thai girls are not so good in english, but they get by very well, to my surprise. As these web cam girls are spending a lot of time at Asian Babe Cams, they get to practice their language skills. And other skills too! 😉

AsianBabeCams with Philippines and Thailand girls

AsianBabeCams is a real delight to the eyes. I really enjoy going to Asian Babe Cams every day and have a look at the hotties online, searching for new girls, discovering new looks on the regular girls. AsianBabeCams is a sort of paradise corner where some hot girls from Philippines and Thailand get online. It’s such a turn-on, i’m even getting affected right now (you imagine how!…), as I write about AsianBabeCams and think of all the hotties over there. I guess I better stop writing this and go back to the site, to… err… get inspiration to write about some of the girls! Can’t write more today! 😀

asianbabydoll from AsianBabeCams: sexy slim filipina

asianbabydoll is one of the star girls at AsianBabeCams. She has this skinny sexy body and she likes to use fishnets and some trendy outfits. She is so very popular, so she spends most of her time in private. I guess most guys already found out how HOT and intense her private shows are!

AsianBabyDoll at AsianBabeCams

Although she is way sexy, she is easy to talk to, no spoiled attitude at all. And she is funny and very smart also, so I like to go on chat and tease her sometimes. She uses toys and she likes to tease with some miniskirts. But they are so mini… I would say they would hardly cover her neck, let alone her ass! LOL

AsianBabyDoll at Asian Babe Cams

Asian Baby Doll likes to smile and she has a good thing in a woman: she is bisexual. In fact, one of her turn ons are blonde women with small, neat little pussies, but also some big firm tits. She works out at the gym, so she has a great flat stomach and she likes guys who hit the gym also: big muscular guys are just her type.

I haven’t seen her playing with a girl yet, but she says she likes eating pussy and touch and play with a girl, while being eaten also. What a freakin great show that would be! Can’t wait to watch that!

Special Feature: sexy slim body!

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AsianBabeCams: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

AsianBabeCams is a chat sex site for the asian lovers. For each asian girl online (all over 18, of course), we can read the girl’s profile and browse her sexy pictures. The girls are called hosts or chatters and, although some are shy (and there is a Shy Girls category), most of them are very liberated. Some do say they are virgin, but take that with a grain of salt. 😉

AsianBabeCams is a reference already for the asian lovers. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get to see some hot sexy asians, ready to tease and offer a sexy web cam performance. At any time of day, for 7 days a week, there are at least some 200 asians or more, online at AsianBabeCams.

Most of the girls at Asian Babe Cams are regulars: they work everyday (including weekends), they know all the tricks and they know how to tease a guy. Well, at least they know how to tease ME, lol. Some other girls work occasionally, because they have boyfriends supporting them or because they have jobs or university to attend to. Being a cam girl is a job but for many girls it’s also a chance to meet guys and to show off, since asian girls are very proud of their bodies too!

Whether it’s raining or sunny, weekday or weekend, regulard day or holiday, I know I can always go online and find some hot sexy asian to look at, maybe for a chat or to take her for a sexy private show. And, I admit it: I always like to take a peek, everyday. :)

paulathai from AsianBabeCams is one amazing thai camgirl

paulathai is the kind of girl that an asian lover never forgets! She is from thailand and her nick name is paula thai, very appropriately. During my daily visits to AsianBabeCams I met many beautiful girls, but one day my eyes had this sight of a beautiful, dark skinned, sexy asian, with big tits (i mean really big!). Her name is paula thai and she is one of my favorite cam girls ever!

paulathai asianbabecams

paulathai is not the average asian girl. For starters, she has some big tits, size 36E. Thai girls usually have small tits but Paula Thai really stands out. This is her most obvious quality, but she has others! Her second quality to stand out is her smile, it’s just gorgeous and spontaneous. And then ther third quality is her attitude, which is just great, she’s lovely. But her fourth quality is the killer thing: she loves sex! She really enjoys the private shows and she loves sex, she loves the attention and she likes making men happy (we could say she was born for that!). So, paulathai is a beautiful girl with big tits, that loves sex and has a good attitude… does she miss anything!?

I’ve known Paula Thai for some time and I can say that she’s a very sweet gal. Let’s just say that… I have good inside information of her private shows, so I had some time to know her well. 😉 She’s very down to earth (although she’s a HUGE turn on wherever she walks, she doesn’t have a bitchy attitude), simple and kind. Honesty is also one of her best traits. In fact, I would trust paulathai my home keys or bank account anytime. Specially if she would agree to stay at my place for long periods… for the purpose of keeping the place tidy, of course! 😉

paula thai at asian babe cams

All in all, paulathai is one of the top cam girls I’ve ever seen. And trust me, when you lay eyes on her, you will see that this is no exaggeration. But when you do see her, I guess you’ll be too focused on her to even remember this text, LOL.

Special Feature: big boobs and smile!

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AsianBabeCams is probably THE BEST asian webcam sex site

AsianBabeCams is probably the best asian web cam site out there. I really digg its simplicity and straight forward approach! A list of sexy asian girls, with thumbails. We just have to go in, make up a name and start chatting with the girls. Immediatly! No hassles, no registration, no time wasted.

I just have to choose a cam and start watching some hot sexy asian girl in bikini. I love asians, so I’m biased about Asian Babe Cams… but it really turns me on, to see so many sexy asians, offering a nude web cam show, just ready and online all the time (night or day)! It’s a daily turn on!