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Don’t you dream of the brown skinned and slim asians? Well, FuckkMy2hole is just like that.

She is one sexy babe that I would love to go party with. But while that doesn’t happen (will it, ever?), it’s good enough to watch her play  on cam with her totally shaved pussy and her toys.

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ashlykate is one of the hottest gals around. She is too sexy from almost every perspective: ass, legs, tummy, tits, pussy lips. Just take a look at her great photos!

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She is also very flexible and likes to try out new daring positions for the webcam. Love her slim waiste and her perfect round ass. She is very hot and always very willing to please, but then again, any man would get pleased just by looking at her!

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Special features: very sexy body, flexible.

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delicious asian apple

For a brown skin lover like me, AsianApple is the right kind of fruit. She really looks great, with her long dark hair, blonde streaks and typical black asian eyes. AsianApple is slim and only 20 years old, having a very natural and simple beauty.

AsianApple from AsianBabeCams

What I like about her is that she is somewhat shy but once we start her engines… she forgets all that and she feels just as hot as a woman should feel! Very flexible too, it’s amazing how she can do some tricks in private. I love the way she strips and plays with her breasts. She’s very sexy and she uses that for her advantage!

Asian Apple from Asian Babe Cams

Special features: tanned brown skin, flexible.

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Asian webcams are my daily fix!

Anyone who reads this blog understands that I love the asian webcams and the girls that perform there. I have this long time attraction to asian webcams girls but I don’t live in Asia. Wish I did, hope I will!

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My best option these days is to cum online and watch the babes on asian webcams. Asians love to tease and get totally horny many times in private shows. I can’t believe how they get so juicy sometimes! These asian webcams get me coming back and back for more, everyday!

So, for me, having fun with the asian webcams is as close as it gets! This always gets me worked up for my next trip to South East Asia. Yep, reality is so much better than asian webcams, but I can’t be there all the time. 😉


Hornypinay69 from AsianBabeCams

This girl Hornypinay69 has a great name, with very important stuff in it: she is Horny, she is a Pinay and she must love 69! WOW! One thing I like about her is that she likes to wear some see-thru nighties and her nipples are really beautiful.

Hornypinay69 at AsianBabeCams

Hornypinay69 is very easy to talk to, uses her smile a lot and she’s very funny also. She really gets me going and I have a HARD time in her room. She also likes to wear stockings, which are a perfect fit on her sexy asian legs…

Hornypinay69 at AsianBabeCams

Special Feature: pretty eyes and see-thrus.

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Webcam girls in Asian Babe Cams

At AsianBabeCams we can find sexy asian girls from several nationalities. The most common are girls from Philippines and from Thailand. These asian web cam girls are totally amateurs, usually from a humble background but some of them have a college experience. Girls from the Philippines usually have a good command of english, so it’s pretty easy to make contact with (by chatting, of course). It’s a known fact that Thai girls are not so good in english, but they get by very well, to my surprise. As these web cam girls are spending a lot of time at Asian Babe Cams, they get to practice their language skills. And other skills too! 😉